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Precision Turning and Machining

DECHAMBOUX MANUFACTURE is an expert in precision turning and machining, offering customized solutions for the manufacture of mechanical parts. Located in Allonzier-la-Caille, Haute-Savoie, the company specializes in parts ranging from 3 to 16 mm in diameter, using various types of metals to meet the specific needs of its customers. With years of experience and advanced technical expertise, DECHAMBOUX MANUFACTURE ensures high-quality parts that meet the most stringent requirements.

Superior Quality and Reliability

At DECHAMBOUX MANUFACTURE, quality is paramount. Each part is manufactured with extreme precision to meet the highest standards of our customers. We ensure that every final product strictly adheres to the specifications and expectations of our industrial partners, maintaining our reputation for excellence.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

We understand the importance of responsiveness in the industrial sector. DECHAMBOUX MANUFACTURE is committed to quickly addressing our customers' specific needs and providing competitive quotes. Our goal is to offer tailored solutions promptly while maintaining an impeccable level of quality.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Collaboration and partnership are at the core of DECHAMBOUX MANUFACTURE's philosophy. Our team is dedicated to working closely with our customers to develop solutions that perfectly meet their industrial challenges. Together, we overcome obstacles and achieve your production goals.

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DECHAMBOUX MANUFACTURE invites all companies to contact us today to discover how we can contribute to the success of your projects. We are ready to support you and provide the precision parts necessary for your industrial achievements. Contact us for a quick and competitive quote.


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